About Me



My interest in photography was born with my first child. As she grew far too quickly, photographs were a way to freeze her expressions, her chubby hands, and her fuzzy hair. Then it became a creative outlet. Sometimes I missed but sometimes I made beautiful photos. Eventually, friends began to ask me to photograph their families and a business was born.

    As I’ve grown in skill and vision, I’ve found my sweet spot. I love photographing emotion. Mainly in families, couples, and children. I prefer unposed, minimally directed photographs where everyone isn’t necessarily looking at the camera. There is a time and a place for those photos, and I make sure to get those, but primarily I want to capture the relationship between my clients. I want connection and emotion and movement. I want to freeze time for my clients so that years later, when their children are grown, they can look back at their photos and remember how soft their little hands were. How she sounded when she giggled. How they used to dance in the kitchen while they made dinner.

Brittany Miller Photography headshot